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The Trussell Trust , which supports food banks that provide three days emergency supplies to people in need, said today 355,985 people had been helped between May and September this year, compared with 113,570 in the same period last year. It wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron requesting an inquiry. The level of food poverty in the U.K. is not acceptable. Its scandalous and it is causing deep distress to thousands of people, Trussell Trust Executive Chairman Chris Mould said in an e-mailed statement. The time has come for an official and in-depth inquiry into the causes of food poverty and the consequent rise in the usage of food banks. Food prices have risen by 12.6 percent more than inflation over the past six years, outstripping wages, and higher energy prices are likely to see more people forced to choose between eating and heating this winter, the charity said. Food-bank clients are giving back food items that need cooking because they cant afford to turn on the electricity, the trust said. There are twice as many food banks as last year, accounting for some of the increase in demand, the trust said, though well-established food banks are also reporting that theyre helping more people. Welfare Overhaul An overhaul of the welfare system has led more people to seek help, the trust said, with 117,442 people referred to food banks by agencies including the health service, social workers and police because of delays in welfare payments compared with 35,597 last year. Camerons spokesman, Jean-Christophe Gray, said the increase had been driven by the government axing restrictions on officials referring people to food banks and reflected a British tradition of charitable help for the poor. Use of the facilities increased 10 times under the Labour government that left office in 2010, he added. Its this government that has lifted the block on job centers being able to point people in the direction of the type of additional assistance that food banks provide, Gray told reporters in London . The U.K. has a proud tradition of voluntary and charitable organisations providing additional support alongside the welfare system. The previous government stopped job centers, where job seekers register for unemployment benefit and seek work, issuing vouchers for food banks because they said other help was available and they could not provide consistent support as they were unevenly distributed around the country.

Tickets are still available to NYCWFF events, but whichever food festival you attend, whet your appetite with these tips and tricks from industry experts on making the most of it. Do your research Ben Phelps, Chief Concierge at Hudson, the festival’s host hotel says that “the most important thing to ensure enjoyment of the festival is to read up! Which chef is making the best pork buns in the city? Who has fennel pollen martinis on the menu? What is fennel pollen? It can be a lot more fun to experience something when you have some insider knowledge and can gauge the climate.” Come early, stay late Selena Cuffe, host of the wine seminar: A South African Wine Odyssey, recommends adding a “bumper day” to your itinerary, and Phelps agrees. “If you can swing it, there’s nothing better than getting calibrated a day or two before the throngs of people show up. Everyone else will be dealing with hotel check-ins and luggage storage while you’re hitting your second mimosa of the morning. After everyone else has gone home after the festival, you can eat dinner at one of the restaurants run by the awesome new chef you learned so much about.” Plan ahead Lee Schrager, the Founder & Executive Director of the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival certainly knows a thing or two about the festival and its events. His tip? “Make sure you sort through the schedule and get tickets to events that suit your taste buds, whether you love burgers or tacos or pizza, or you prefer a more intimate dinner with a renowned chef and winemaker.” What if it’s your first time attending the festival? “I wouldn’t recommend attending more than one or two events per day to ensure you have time to fully enjoy everything.” Know how to get around New York City is over 300-square-miles of skyscrapers and rushing crowds. It can be easy to get lost, but luckily we live in the age of smartphones, which help even the most directionally-challenged among us at least look like we know where we’re going. Andrew Zimmern, host of the festival’s Oktoberfest event, recommends a few apps to make your life easier. “It’s great to keep an itinerary on your smartphone with links to the venues you’ll be visiting, so you’ll always have the addresses handy.

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