Paul Mccartney Plays Surprise Concert In N.y.’s Times Square

McCartney, 71, and his band sang tracks from his upcoming album, “New,” which is due to be released in the United States on October 15. “Wow! Really excited to be playing New York Times Square at 1 p.m. this afternoon!” McCartney tweeted about an hour before the packed mini-concert. “Come on down to Times Square. It’s all going to be happening there!” he added. Security guards at the site said the 15-minute, lunch-time concert was kept a secret until shortly before its start. “I loved it. It is hard not to like this band. They have been playing together for so long; they just make perfect music every time they hit a stage,” Said Hamdan, 51, a teacher in New York who learned about the concert through Twitter, said. Tawanna Flowers, a 25-year-old security guard working at the event, described the mini-concert as “awesome.” “New,” which features 12 tracks including “New” and “Queenie Eye” is McCartney’s first album of new material in six years. “A lot of the tracks are quite varied and not necessarily in a style you’d recognize as mine,” the singer and bassist said on his website. “But I didn’t want it to all sound the same. We had a lot of fun.” On Wednesday, the singer did a special show and master class for 400 teenagers at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in the New York borough of Queens.

Concert preview: Wil getting better and bolder with age

(Posted By BG Band Publicity!, Community Contributor / October 16, 2013) Posted by BG Band Publicity!, Community Contributor 10:46 a.m. CDT, October 16, 2013 The number 13 is not typically considered lucky. But now that the Buffalo Grove Symphonic Band has entered its thirteenth year, they have chosen that number as the theme for their annual fall concert. The concert, titled Lucky 13, will be presented on November 3rd at 7 PM at the Buffalo Grove High School Auditorium. The group was formed in 2001. This is their 12th Annual Fall Concert. They have to this point performed 24 major concerts (fall and spring) along with about ten or more other performances each year for a total of about 170 concerts. Howard Green is the founder, conductor and musical director of the Buffalo Grove Symphonic Band. When casting about for a theme for this years fall concert, Green noted that a great many significant musical anniversaries occurred in this year, 2013. In addition to the centennial and bicentennial birthdays of Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi (1813), Benjamin Britten, Woody Herman, Sammy Cahn, and Jimmy Van Heusen (1913), it was also the sesquicentennial birthday of Pietro Mascagni and the 50th anniversary of the death of Ernesto Lecuona. This year also marks the 100th birth date of Danny Kaye, and the same major anniversaries of great pieces of music like the musical Oliver! and The Banks of Green Willow. Considering all the musical connections, Green decided that 13 was not so unlucky after all. In fact it has been a very lucky thing and that led to the theme of the concert. The selections he has chosen will all be by composers born in 1813, 1913, or on the 50-year anniversaries 1863 and 1963), or which were written in those years. Green is excited about this upcoming concert.

“Lucky 13” – Buffalo Grove Symphonic Band presents their Fall Concert

"Lucky 13" - Buffalo Grove Symphonic Band presents their Fall Concert

Anyone whoas ever seen the veteran guitarist perform knows that heas incapable of going through the motions. aIave been vehemently opposed to a live record for a lot of years,a he says. aPart of it is youave seen shows that felt wonderful but youad never want to hear a board mix of it. Being the right kind of high and the right kind of drunk at a My Bloody Valentine concert will change your life. And then if you got to hear it a month later youad go, aWho are these clowns? Itas so loud I canat hear anything.a aItas such an elusive thing to begin with that Iave never wanted to do it.a His wife and confidante Caroline finally convinced him to relent. With him for the past two decades, sheas seen him enough to know that the best way to sell Wil is by the live experience. If done right, it would be the perfect way for him to enter the next part of his career, a partnership with Cordova Bay Records. To ensure that his talents were properly captured, she enlisted the help of Calgary producer Josh Rob Gwilliam, who brought his Pilot Audio Mobile studio a one of the old CBC recording trucks a to the Inglewood venue and set things up. All that was left for Mimnaugh was to show up and do his thing a accompanied by drummer Kevin Haughton and keyboardist Andrea Wettstein a with the knowledge that Caroline would make sure the song selection and sound quality would best represent his talents. aShe did an amazing job, no word of a lie, she did,a he says of the eight-track offering. aSo itas something I can stand behind.a He laughs. aPlus, it buys me more time to get this new record finished.a That shouldnat be a problem, considering that Mimnaugh has been rather prolific in recent years, releasing a handful of albums, EPs, singles and songs for ad campaigns, most notably, for the Calgary Stampedeas centennial celebrations and for Travel Albertaas award-winning Remember to Breathe spots. That latter campaign, he says, provided him with aremarkable amount of acceptance and amazing amount of exposure and affirmation that I was on the right path.a And that path, he thinks, officially began when he made the decision to leave Calgary and head to Vancouver Island, moving to the middle of nowhere so he could be surrounded by nature with his wife and dogs.

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