The United Of America Federal Government Is Open For Business

The debt ceiling has been raised until February 7, 2014. The reopening of the federal government is good news for small business owners in the Metro area. However, the greatest sigh of relief was from the District of Columbia government. The District, unlike every other state, county, and city is prohibited from using its own locally-raised funds without Congressional approval. The end of the government shutdown averts a funding crisis for the city. The federal government is asking the press to inform federal workers that the government shutdown is over. It is official the United States of America federal government shutdown is over. President Barack Obama said the shutdown will end immediately after he signs the law tonight. Federal workers will return to work immediately. Although there are some Americans who believe that the shutdown was about motives other than stopping the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; it is proven that two million Americans signed a petition to defund the act because they sincerely believe that it will destroy small business in America. will continue to research and investigate the act and the charges that it will hurt millions of American families. “This fight was about the healthcare act. It was always about the healthcare act,” a Senate spokesman said. President Barack Obama spoke to the press shortly after the senate vote. “I want to thank the leaders of both parties,” Obama said.

United States debt crisis comes to an end

The decision to reopen the government came after 17 days of intense debate in the House and Senate. The bill was sent to the senate first and to the House where the vote came in the 11th hours to reopen the government. October 17, 2013, is the last day that the United States of America can borrow money to pay its bills. If the budget deal had not been signed by Obama by mid-night the United States of America would have gone into default for the first time in American history. The United States of America federal government has been shut down since October 1, 2013. Customer service to the customers of the federal government suffered severely during the shutdown because federal agencies were closed, federal parks were closed, and 800,000 federal workers were sent home. There were no winners in the shutdown. Small business owners lost millions of dollars in revenue and the government lost billions. The one thing that is clear is that millions of Americans do not like and do not want the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The shutdown was over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. However the law was passed by Congress, signed by the President of the United States, and upheld by the United States Supreme Court. There was never any possible way to stop the law.

United States of America averts default in the 11th hour

“Most importantly, this legislation ends a standoff that ground the work of Washington to a halt.” Harry Reid says this is not a time of finger-pointing and blame, but a time of reconciliation – and he has touched on the need for the Senate to work in a more bi-partisan way in the future. Hesays the ‘remarkable agreement’ will protect the long term health of the economy, avoid default, and set up a foundation for economic expansion. “What we’ve done is send a message to Americans, from every one of our 50 states, in addition to that to the citizens of every country in the world, that the United States lives up to its obligations.” Harry Reid has talked about new levels of co-operation between Republicans and Democrats in reaching the agreement. “I’m optimistic that the spirit of compromise (which) has taken root in the Senate over the last two days, will endure.” Hesays after sitting in very serious discussions over the last few days, he and Republican leader Mitch McConnell will do everything they can to change the atmosphere in the Senate. White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, has just spoken to media in Washington. He says Barack Obama has welcomed progress, saying it achieves what is necessary and removes the threat of default. “We haven’t seen legislation move through either house at this point, so we’re not issuing an official statement of administration policy. “He (Obama) looks forward to Congress acting so that he can sign legislation that will reopen the government, and remove this threat from our economy.” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says he will support the plan. “There’s a lot more we need to do to get our nation’s fiscal health in order. “Hopefully once we’ve gotten past the drama of the moment, we can get to work on it.” Republican Senator Jeff Denham says he has big concerns, but this has to be done. “We need to do everything we can to avoid this debt ceiling. “We understand, both Republicans and Democrats understand how bad this can be for our nation, as well as the world economy.” Another Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, says he won’t block the deal, but he is not happy. “The deal that has been cut provides no relief to the millions of Americans who are hurting because of Obamacare.” Earlier, investment expert Warren Buffet likened the situation to playing with an atomic bomb. “It’s really a political weapon of mass destruction. “There are certain things that shouldn’t be used. I know it’s been used in the past, but we used the atomic bomb back in 1945 (and) we decided we weren’t going to use something like that again.” Sky News reporter Dominic Waghorn says even though a deal is done, the question remains open over permanent damage to America’s reputation. “Has it been permanently damaged by this debacle? By political gridlock in Washington? “Whatever happens … will the world now look at America differently in terms of the way it views its ability to honour its debt?” Dominic Waghorn says one ratings agency has already put the country on watch for a possible downgrade because of the brinkmanship going on. Hannah Thomas-Peter, also of Sky News, says even though this is a temporary fix there have been huge gains on the stock market. “The conventional wisdom on Wall Street – the market expectation – has always been that America would not default on its obligations. “Warren Buffett, one of America’s most famous businessmen, said that it wasn’t possible America could be so idiotic as to allow that to happen, and that a default was unthinkable.